10 Percent Down
A name that won’t deceive and lets our clients know exactly what to expect. We don’t want to beat around the bush. We are just stating WHO we are and WHY we exist and that is this:
If you have 10% down in cash or land, then we can almost always guarantee you construction financing to build your own custom home!
WHO uses 10 Percent Down?
• Stated income
• Bad credit score
• Current debt-to-income limitations
• Title issues (yes, it is at times a citizenship question and that’s okay)
• COUNTRY! A large number of our clients live outside a major metropolitan area and just need someone who can and will build in their part of the state. We build ANYWHERE!
• Qualify for permanent financing but not the much stricter requirements of a construction loan.
• Anyone who just needs a little help and who is sick of renting and/or who doesn’t want to be forced to purchase an old, worn-out existing home!


Don’t Have Land?
We just add it to the loan and BOOM, now you do!
It’s that simple. So much so that many of you may ask, WHY?
Because we CAN! And, more importantly, because it’s what our clients NEED!

Purchasing a home, let alone building one, is difficult and it can be even harder knowing where to start. We offer knowledge and expertise in dealing with the finances of building your own home. We can help you navigate the tricky rules and regulations, as well as walk you through the entire financial process.
Our experts can also help you manage and regulate your credit, and even help you get your credit back on track.

We are here to help you through any situation. It doesn’t matter if you have had a foreclosure, tax matters, or any other sort of issuewe can help your home-building dreams come true! With 10 Percent Down, anything is possible!

* To be clear, there can be some limitations based on your area, what payment you can afford, and what the relative value is in your area. We won’t say no, but both parties need to be certain the build is a good fit and a true win/win value! So contact us today for a no-pressure, FREE consultation to see if we can help you get a new custom home!

Permanent Finance Options
10 Percent Down guarantees not just construction financing, but multiple ways to handle the payments required to get you moved in once the home is completed.
Our number one goal is to get you a traditional 30 year mortgage! 10 Percent Down has a fantastic relationship with a number of mortgage lenders who will work with you during the construction of your home to help you get your credit and finances in line so that once the home is complete, you will qualify for a traditional mortgage. VA, FHA or other, we want the best possible payment and option for you!
However, we do realize that some may need more time to be able to qualify, and some of you just may never be able to qualify in a traditional sense.
For those who need time, we have lenders who will ‘buy the home’ and carry it for you until your credit and finances are able to qualify for a traditional mortgage.
Some may need a traditional lease purchase option, and we have investors and lenders who specialize in this type of lending as well!
Other times, it’s best to rent or lease the property back when necessary, and we have a high-risk lender who provides this option. It’s rare, but if needed, the option is there.
The simple answer is that we will find the best option for you and your situation to guarantee that YOU and your family get to move into YOUR NEW HOME!

Best Home Warranty

At 10 Percent Down, our commitment to you extends well into the life of your home. That’s why we offer you one of the industry’s best home warranty programs. We are here to help you address issues you may encounter, and our 48-hour response time will ensure that your request is taken care of in a timely manner.

Exceptional Value

HUGE DISCOUNTS! We use our buying power to hire the most experienced craftsmen and purchase the best materials at lower cost than most other residential home builders. Our team ensures that you are getting the best quality work at the best possible price.

Knowledge & Experience

Our team has experience building on all types of Oklahoma terrain, so no job is too tough. We have the knowledge and expertise necessary when it comes to dealing with vendors and suppliers. We will also come fully prepared while anticipating any situation that may arise. We will file the correct paperwork with local municipalities to keep you safe and your project on track.

All Around Benefits

10 Percent Down homes set themselves apart with unique and timeless features in each home. Combining the most modern materials, the latest technology, and old world craftsmanship, each time you and your family walk into your home, you will revel in the beauty that is your new home.

Appliance Package

Custom Cabinets

Energy Saving Heat & Air

Energy Star Windows

Energy Saver Designs

Granite Countertops

Open Floor Plans

Post Tension Slabs

Safe Room

Spray Foam

Walk-in Closets

1-Year Warranty

Ready to Build with a Winner?

We are experienced and knowledgeable experts! We are so confident that you will come away happy that we now offer a free planning meeting.

Just bring us your ideas and we’ll make them into a reality!

We're Here To Help


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*Approval is subject to a percentage of appraisal value and bank valuation.

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